Camden County Board of Freeholders Addiction Awareness Task Force

Freeholders Liaisons
Louis Cappelli, Carmen Rodriguez

Louis Cappelli, Jr., Director
Edward T. McDonnell, Deputy Director
Jeffrey L. Nash
Carmen G. Rodriguez
Jonathan L. Young, Sr.
Susan Shin Angulo
William F. Moen, Jr.

County Officials
County Clerk Joseph Ripa
Sheriff Gilbert “Whip” Wilson
Surrogate Michelle Gentek-Mayer
Prosecutor Mary Eva Colalillo

Task Force Appointees
Youth – Anthony Leone
Parent – Patty DiRenzo
Business – Bob Walquist
Media/Public Relations
School – Mary Boyle, Maureen Reusche, Jen Distefano
Law Enforcement – Chief Harry Earle, Chief Winters
Religious/ Fraternal Organizations – Fr. John Stabeno, Rabbi Sternovitz
Healthcare Professional – William Lynch, Mishael Azam
State/local gov’t agency with expertise in field of substance abuse – John Pellicane, Alternate: Ann Biondi
Other organzations involved in reducing substance abuse – Linda Dombrowski

Prevention Programs
William Lynch, Kennedy
Chief Harry Earle, Glouc Twp
Chief Winters, Pine Hill
Linda Dombrowski, Mun Alliance
Mary Boyle
Jen Distefano, SAC organizations
John Stabeno, Camden Archdiocese School Superintendent
Patty DiRenzo
Betty Ann Cowling-Carson
John Pellicane CCDHHS
Dr. Maureen Reusche

Awareness Advertising Campaign
Sandi Kelly, Camden County
Bob Walquist, PREIT
Dan Keashen, Camden County
Dominic Vesper, Camden County

Gabe Guerrrieri – Genesis
Kevin Gregan – Genesis
Marlana Cannata – KBH
John Stabeno – Archdiocese
Mishael Azam – MSNJ
Health Systems
Patty DiRenzo
Chief Thomson
John Pellicane, CCDHHS

Funding Resources
Holly Cass
Dominic Vesper
John Pellicane,CCDHHS

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